I specialize in specific areas of Fine Art Photography including micro/macro, infrared, and B&W photography. I am also a passionate architecture, nature and landscape photographer. Additionally, I enjoy teaching in selected topics of photography.

As a person with a scientific background, I try to combine technical and creative aspects in my photography. Light is the essential part when I take photos, and the trick is to capture it in an appealing and expressive way. I want to reveal an atmosphere and my feeling at the time when the photo was taken. My work as an artist is fulfilled when you are amazed by my photos!

I still do film in parallel to digital photography. In recent years I have gone back to film for most of my photography. I am using small (35 mm), medium (6x6 and 6x7 cm), and large format (4x5") film gear. I have also set up my own darkroom to do B&W silver gelatin prints. For digital, I am currently using the Sony A7R Full Frame mirrorless and Leica M-E 240 rangefinder cameras. My Canon 5D MkII DSLR is converted to infrared with a 715 nm cutoff filter.

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Instagram: @creative_lens_view